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Animals Across the Globe

Earth day is fast approaching and during each trip we see many animals. The little critters we come across can be someone’s pet, a poor stray one, or an exotic creature that requires a second or third glance. The first photo is one of my favorites from our trip to Costa Rica. The bulging eyes just make me laugh. We

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Historic Columbia, SC

During a recent work-related visit to Columbia, I took advantage of visiting Historic Columbia to learn and see more the history of the capital of South Carolina. If history especially pre and post civil war history is something of interest to you, you would not be disappointed with a visit to Historic Columbia  This non-profit organization offers a variety of tours

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Butterflies…Butterflies… Butterflies

SC Botanical Gardens We explored the SC Botanical Gardens in Clemson and loved the many butterflies enjoying the flower in full bloom. These gardens are a must visit and worthy of a day or half-day visit exploring the many gardens, trails, and historic homes taking in the beautiful scenery.  Of course, one must mention that these beautiful gardens were once

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Reedy River Falls-

Reedy River Falls-Greenville, SC One can’t believe that for over 40 years, these beautiful falls were overshadowed by a four lane bridge. It was the vision of the Carolina Foothills Garden Club who saw the potential of the landscape under and around the bridge. It was removed and replaced with a far less obtrusive walking bridge known as “Liberty Bridge.” A

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Redcliffe Plantation-Worth A Visit

About 10 minutes outside of Augusta you will find Redcliffe Plantation  We have begun our journey on the Antebellum Trail with a stay in Augusta. First, we explored one of several of James Henry Hammond’s plantation. At one time, he had over 15,000 acres of land and hundreds of slaves. He was a cotton planter, congressman, over, and senator who spent

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Charleston-Old Southern Charm

A recent visit to Charleston, South Carolina and a stay in its historical district left us wishing for more culture and history of the south.  So, expect another exploration of charming city in the south in April. I have already booked the weekend trip. These are three of my most favorite areas of Charleston to visit: Battery Park, St. Michael’s

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