North Carolina

Is the Beach Calling?

Walking along the beach to enjoy the warm salty air, enjoying some fresh local seafood, or just relaxing on the sugary sandy beach here in Coastal NC. Are just some of the many activities here along the beaches near Wilmington, NC.

April is here and make for us to hit the beach before the crowds of summer begin. Check out this recent image of  Kure Beach, NC

A Quiet Sunday on Kure Beach, NC
Kure Beach Pier—Don’t feed the birds!

Love walking to the end of the Kure Beach Pier as you never know who you will run into along the way. Someone here is enjoying his morning ‘breakfast.’

Carolina Beach, NC–Footsteps in the Sand…

Carolina Beach is great option on your way to Kure Beach. Both are two of our favorite beaches to explore on Pleasure Island about 20 minutes drive (light traffic) from downtown Wilmington. Each small beach town begins to come alive in the spring and continues be lively through late fall with festivals. outdoor activities, and tourism. Plan your trip soon to these beach towns.  While visiting these areas, don’t forgot to drive to end of the island to explore Fort Fisher and the NC Aquarium.

Stay Options at Carolina Beach and Kure Beach

Explore Viator for tour options





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