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This is a journey for me as first time blogger. I wanted to create something to talk about my travel experiences. Throughout the coming weeks, I will be adding links, videos, and resources to share with others. In this first post, let me share my top travel experience, the wonderful continent of Africa; including South Africa, Egypt, and Tanzania.  This wild and wonderful vast continent offers the opportunity to see the big 5 (the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and rhinoceros) in their true nature habitat. Not to mention the many zebras, birds, and other beasts both small and large. elephant-herd-of-elephants-african-bush-elephant-africa-59989.jpeg




In planning a trip such as this adventure, I often begin with such site as TripAdvisor and

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Go explore this continent before these animals are gone. Cape town is experiencing a water crisis, which I will discuss in the next blog.



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