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A Winery In Marsala, Sicily

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One could argue that Sicily is the main wine region of Italy. The island leads Tuscany and Piemonte in wine manufacturing and avoids stereotypes about southern wine. This microcosm of Italy is real. The weather of Sicilian combined with its regional differences from sea level to the elevations seen with Mount Etna and the Madonie Mountains makes for what locals describe as ‘viticultural continent.’ Sicilian wines have their unique character, freshness, and class that you should explore.

Donnafugata Wineries

Image courtesy of Donnafugata Winery

Our driver recommended that we explore the Donna Fugata winery in Marsala. We took a tour of the winery that included tastings of the regions wine. This is definitely highly recommended. You can found out more about what is offered at the regional wineries of Donna Fugata by exploring their website.

The Barrique Wine Cellar of Donnafugta in Marsala

The Donnafugata winery in Marsala was built in 1851 offers a spacious courtyard with citrus and olive trees. The underground barrique cellar offers the opportunity learn more about the aging process of wines such as Chiarandà, Tancredi and Mille e una Notte.

Oak Barrels of The Wine Cellar

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