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Mosques Worth Visiting

As I remember the tragedy at the 3 mosques in New Zealand, this had me been thinking back to my travels and the many beautiful mosques we visited. One country that comes to mind is Egypt. This country has a wealth of beautiful, historical, and famous mosque that offer a chance under why this city is known as the city

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Aswan: Philae Temple & Nubian Village Dec 2018 — by BeatriceTravels

Original Post By: beatricetravels This morning we set sail for Aswan which was the southern frontier of ancient Egypt and provided a gateway to Africa.  It is here that granite quarries are found and supplied the rest of Egypt in the building of temples and pyramids.  The Ptolemies ruled here from 323-30 BC and built the remarkable Philae Temple dedicated

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The Temple of Hatshepsut

Egypt is growing again in its popularity for visitors. Tourism is one of this African nation’s major economic driving forces and I had the pleasure of touring here for three weeks. This is perhaps one of my favorite countries to visit. Temple of Hatshepsut  One of the highlights of our trip was Luxor and the many ancient sites offered here

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Egypt… a memory..

This reminds me of one our favorite trips. Do have to add this back to our list.. Thanks you ‘Living the Q Life’ for posting— On the second day of our cruise down the Nile River, we stopped in Edfu to visit the Temple of Horus (also known as the Temple of Edfu). It is one of the best preserved

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Land of the Pharaohs

No, not the 1955’s Joan Collin’s movie, but Egypt an adventure for anyone. Prepare for some aggressive locals trying sell their goods. This is a past trip blog in which we enjoyed one our favorite trips. One must see this ancient land of antiquities, pyramids, and wonder. More to come from Petra and other adventures past and present….

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