Along The Napo River

During our trip to Ecuador, we stayed at the Casa del Suzio  along the Amazon Basin on the Napo River. Considering that this was our first trip Ecuador, we wanted to explore some of what this beautiful country offers while maintaining some communication to the outside world. Overall, the amenities at the lodge were very nice that included free wi-fi, a breakfast buffet with fresh food, and a huge pool. The restaurant offers good food as well. The wi-fi maybe free, but rather slow and very spotty. As more people used the service, the less likely one’s connection would be maintained.  The lodge overlooked the Napo River and transferring was via a 15-20 minute trip in a small canoe. A fun adventure, especially after a heavy rain.

View of La Casa Del Suizo from Napo River
Our Room
View from Our Room

One of our favorite things to do during this trip was just to relax out on the deck taking  in the atmosphere, sounds, and views offered from this lodge high above the Napo River. The lush vegetation and wildlife was amazing.  This is especially enjoyable as no rooms have any TV’s and one can just enjoy the sounds of natural while reading their favorite novel.

Cuy (Guinea Pig)
Street Art in Quito


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