Quarries of Light

A 2,000-year-old limestone quarry in the rugged Alpilles hills near Les Bau-de-Provence might not seem like a destination for artist, but think again. The original quarry closed in 1935 and has been used for such films as the 1960’s “Testament of Orpheus”. In 1975 a man named Albert Plécy had the clever idea to use the quarry as a giant screen to show artworks. A destination was born and now the quarry is home to The Carrières de Lumières (Quarries of Light). Each year, two artists are presented, often following a theme, accompanied beautifully by a splendid and varied musical soundtrack. In 2021, the artists chosen are Cezanne and Kandinsky.

Playful and Wonder-filled World of Kandinsky.

Visitors can enjoy the exhibit as long as they wish. We watched everything at least twice. The most interesting part of visiting here is moving around huge quarry as you experience the art from different vantage points.

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