Best Face Masks for Travel

Image: Courtesy of TSA’s Facebook Page

In deciding on the best face masks for travel, you should generally consider that the mask should keep you safe, secure, and comfortable. You should consider a face mask that is able to support your health during every leg of your journey; from check-in to baggage claim. The mask needs to be breathable avoiding the suffocation feeling often experienced with some many face masks. It is especially important when you are in the middle of flight and can’t just take of the protective face mask. So what are the best face masks to consider for flying?

Reusable vs. Disposable:  Should you choose a reusable or disposable face mask? Consider that your face mask will get dirty from the build-up sweat and other particles in the air that gets caught up in the filter of any face mask. Disposable masks do seem convenient, but requires buying in bulk and may not be very environmentally friendly as these types of masks will end up in the landfill somewhere. Reusable masks are another good option, but you should still change these out daily and wash them after a long leg of your travels. If disposable masks is for you, consider disposable masks like blue medical masks.

Breathability: The top choice for me in deciding on a face mask for travel is its breathability. A mask that is made from materials that allows for ultra-breathability is top for me, especially on international flights. You should still keep in mind how well the mask offers a tight seal over the nose and mouth while avoiding that suffocation feeling.

Best Face Mask: Let’s face it (no pun intended), there are multiple sellers of face mask out there with some just plan useless in providing adequate protection against COVID-19. The most protective masks will have two or more layers of good-quality fabric like 100% cotton and includes some form of high-grade filtration.

Restrictions Apply: You should be made aware of what face masks are prohibited on many flights. These include: masks with valves or vents. These types of mask do protect you, but not others around you as you exhale the particles into the air. The TSA has also stated that face shields and goggles are not replacements for an acceptable mask.

Blue Bear Reusable Face Mask

The reusable face mask from Blue Bear is made with both breathability and comfort in mind. The ProSport Nanotec mask is lightweight, and made of hypoallergenic material that’s gentle on the skin, so you won’t feel stuffy in even the stalest plane cabin air. You’ll breathe a little easier too knowing their replaceable Nanotec Filters come with three layers of protection that lasts up to 12 hours at a time. This top pick by me doesn’t sacrifice comfort for security either, and its contoured design and adjustable ear-loops will sit securely in place until you get to your next destination.

Buy:  BlueBear ProSport NanoTec Mask

Concept är

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Courtesy of Concept är

The face mask offered by Concept är is one of the best options as its offers the security needed and is easy on the skin. This is one of my favorite masks as its reusable, silky-smooth, and very lightweight. This masks has a nanofilter that will protect you up to 40 hours. The mask as what is known as ‘ViralOff’ coating that is meant to reduce the time between washing. This mask is also machine washable. The other added feature that makes for ease on the skin is the Eco Acqua Zero™ technology that is meant to wick excess moisture away from the skin.

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