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Oleander Hotel’s Past Better Left Forgotten or Should It?

Galveston Island, Texas

Galveston Island has some wonderful historical sites including the Moody Mansion, the Bishop’s Palace, St. Joseph Church, and of course, the Pleasure Pier just to name a few. I will be exploring each of these in upcoming posts. There is still more to learn about this wonderful island.  Galveston Island has experienced its share of natural disasters through the years including the Great Hurricane of 1900, which stands as the deadliest hurricane in the U.S.

Oleander Hotel- Red Light District

Hotel Name Found On Current Stair Leading to Second Floor

During a recent visit, we were intrigued (only on the past- mind you) of this city’s history and came across what is now known as the Antique Warehouse. This form Oleander Hotel was once a 28 room Brothel with many other Brothels along the same 5 block area of the island.

In fact, it was the Hansons who purchased the 100-year old former Oleander Hotel (aka Brothel) who discovered that on the unused second floor were the 28 rooms sealed away for years was were the  prostitutes plied their trades. These rooms had been sealed away for decades at a top of a rotting staircase.

Door to the Men’s bathroom- aka for the Johns leading to the second story brothel.

The Antique Warehouse is located between the corner Postoffice and 25th Street in heart of Galveston’s former red-light district. In the past, dozens of brothels had lined Galveston’s Postoffice Street from 25th to 29th, forming a district known as The Line. You can learn more Galveston’s Red Light District Past by Reading this book by Kimber Fountain In addition, there are tours being offered of this district.

Licenses for Prostitution

These past happenings of Galveston is no different than many cities past or present and offers the opportunity for us to learn from the past to grow for the present and future. Please explore what Galveston has to offer including some great seafood, history, and people.

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