Washington, D.C.

Hillwood Museum and Gardens, Washington, DC

Hillwood Museum and Gardens

The Hillwood Estate, Museum, and Gardens as they are seen today were the vision of Marjorie Merriweather Post. One of the richest women of the 20th Century whose father founded the Postum Cereal Company (a.k.a., Post Cereal) and the company was passed down to her. The intent Marjorie was to leave Hillwood as museum for the public to visit. Today, this vision continues and Hillwood is now open for visitors to enjoy.

Grand Hallway
Portrait of Winston Churchill
A room dedicated to Post’s Collection of Faberge Eggs
Breakfast Nook
Japanese Garden
Waterfall in the Japanese Garden
Azaleas in Bloom
Orchids in Bloom

Marjorie had a passion for Orchids with some 2,000 specimens in this easy to walk through and growing greenhouse on the estate.

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