Please ‘Do Not Disturb’

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The Hotel Housekeeper

I was watching the ebb and flow of foot traffic during a recent trip when there was a knock at my hotel room door. It was the housekeeper wishing to do her morning ritual. I was not quite ready to head out for the day and kindly asked if she you come back a little later. She apologized my request closing the door with a smile as she headed to the next room.

I kept thinking about this minor inconvenience to the start of a day. I now realize that it is the housekeeper who is often the forgotten part of any hotel stay. They are required to meet the schedules of the guests and work through the day sometimes cleaning hundreds of room as the guests enjoy the adventures of a new city.  

These hotel housekeepers are needed more than ever today as they haul around a heavy cart full of necessities while being exposure to multiple chemicals during the times of a pandemic such as coronavirus (COVID-19).  In fact, hotel housekeepers are often at the bottom of the hierarchy of employees at the hotel. Your next hotel housekeeper probably is one of the lowest paid employees, but one that is required.

Please don’t forget your hotel housekeeper during your next visit. Also, don’t forget to hang that  ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door handle. Better yet, tell the housekeeper yourself that you are passing on the cleaning service today.  Enjoy your next trip, but please drive safely. 

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