Travel, Trip or a Journey?

When you decide on a journey, do you consider this a travel, trip or journey? Perhaps something else? Today, travel is not often an easy adventure for many reasons. Many barriers often stand in your way including cost, the flight schedule, and sometimes the cultural at your new destination. I recommend the following as means to assist in travel insurance for international travel and a contingency plan. You will never be able to plan for every possible outcome that could happen during your journey, but enjoy the adventure.  

I look back out some of our travels, trips, and journeys through pictures thinking fondly of the times. 

Traveling in Southern U.S.














Walking the Lodge in South Africa
View of NYC from Ellis Island
On the Napo River in Ecuador
Our Taxi for the Day in India
Fog Hanging over Gloucester Harbor



Thank you for reading and please share your thoughts…. 

<a href=”″>What do you consider planning travel to be?</a>


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