Travel Tips for Frequent Travelers

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As I prepare for our next travel adventure, I was exploring fellow blogger sites and came across the “fashionandstylepolice” blog. In Stella’s “6 Travel Tips for Frequent Travellers” (the U.K spelling). In brief here list is a follows:

#1 Have an Electronic Copy of Travel Documents

#2, Packing Food for Airplane Travel

#3 Have a Packing List,

#4 Pack That Spare Outfit in the Carry-on,

#5 Read About Where You Are Going,

and #6 Be Polite. (by Fashion and Style Police)

She has given me some ideas to add to her list. So here goes nothing and hope Stella doesn’t mind…..

Whether you are traveling locally or internationally, the challenge is often understanding the routes. So, to add to this wonderful list by Stella are my thoughts:

#7: Bring a Portable Charger for your Smartphone

I have experienced that lost feeling when just wondering the streets of a historic city and reaching for the iPhone only to pull up the Google Map to find out the battery is dead. A backup portable charger can solve this issue. Some good options can be found on Amazon

#8: Visit the Local Welcome or Visitors’ Center

One of my first stops in large cities is often the Welcome or Visitor’s Center to ask about tour options, grab the city map (as backup to #7), and just find out about other ‘things to do.’ Having this added printed map can be very valuable when there is spotty cell service.  Highly recommended for anyone who travels both new and seasoned.

#9: Travel Light and I mean Light 

I recommend to only take what is truly necessary. This means what you can place into a carry on size bag such as the one I use often from RISE Gear . It is the RISE Gear Jumper, which you can often and hang right closet area of your hotel or other temporary stay of choice. I bring one personal item bag that has the snacks, travel documents, and a other items for travel. All of this can been done for trips as long as 3 weeks, which I have done. Remember you can always do laundry and buy supplies on location often at much lower price. After all, most traveling is an adventure and not a fashion show.

#10: Be Patient

Adoing to Stella’s “Be Polite” mantra from her “6 Travel Tips for Frequent Travellers” blog post… Patience is needed often when traveling.


Hope you enjoyed and please add any additional thoughts…

Planning our next trip in a couple of weeks— going to explore more of South Carolina and then, Off to Romania







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