Hoover Dam- A Depression Era Marvel

A one of American’s Seven Modern Civil Engineering Wonders, the Hoover Dam is a testament to our country’s ability to construct monolithic project during times of adverse conditions. The Hoover Dam was built during the Depression as means to tame the Colorado River by thousands of men who brought their families to the Black Canyon area. The project took less than five years to complete and was the largest dam of its time. It is listed as a  National Historic Landmark and worth a visit if you are in The Las Vegas area.

Hoover Dam
View from Hoover Dam
The Other Side of Hoover Dam

There are a couple tour options offered during your visit to the historical site and are as follows:

The PowerPlant Tour This is a 30-minute guided tour of the powerplant with admission to the Visitor Center.

The  Dam Tour   This is the tour that I took and it last longer and includes a more in-epth tour of the dam including the powerplant, passageways within the dam, and admission to the Visitor Center.

Visitor Center Admission at a cost of $10 per general adult admission. I would recommend considering a Dam or PowerPlant tour as each of these includes this admission ticket.

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