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We Will Travel Again…soon


We will travel again soon, but not too soon… Are you planning future trips or waiting for the tide to turn in a positive direction with this crazy pandemic?

I too am one of those people who are apprehensive to travel. It is possible to explore the possibilities of future exploration of our wonderful planet. It can start by writing out the top five places to visit in the next 5 years. A bucket list for future check-offs.


Home is one’s castle.. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my little piece of paradise on earth. Still, the itch to travel is strong and I can’t wait to explore again. The latest trip was a local tour to Georgetown, South Carolina staying at Mansfield Plantation . Our last international trip was to the beautiful and vibrant country of Greece doing an Island Tour offered through Gate1Travel.  Explore my post on A Visit to Santorini and The Village of Oia Greece to learn more…

What Do  I Miss About Travel?

If you asked me this same questions six months ago, the answer would be very different. Since the pandemic, some things that I miss about travel now includes the process of getting there through deciding where to go next, booking things (tours, night stays, and the flights). I miss the long lines at airports and those dreaded overnight flights. I never have been able to sleep on these fights.

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Other things that I miss is the excitement of exploring an unfamiliar city, food, and sites. Just walking on unfamiliar streets is something that I truly miss. The new flavors and vides of a city never seen before makes me wish for going back to 2019. Can we get 2020 over with already!

Travel Locally For Now

If you are stuck at home not knowing what to do, consider exploring locally. You might be surprised to find new things to experience in your own city, town, or state. In fact, many people are avoiding global travel seeking to travel local. You can do the same wisely and safely. Plus, let’s face it international travel is expensive.

By traveling locally, you are helping many local businesses including hotels, restaurants, and other tourism-related establishments. This is the perfect opportunity to get some of those local destination you have wanted to visit off your ‘to do’ list.


I live along Coastal North Carolina with its many charming southern towns, islands, and beaches. Exploring The Outer Banks was on our must see list, but it took us over five years living in NC to visit. I am so glad we did and just might go back again?

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Thank you for reading and enjoy planning for your next travel adventure!


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