Stars and Bucks Coffee, Bethlehem, Palestine

Manara Square, Palestinian West Bank
What is Stars and Bucks Cafe?
This is little chain of coffee shops is not to be confused with the more popular and known  Seattle-based Starbucks chain.  You will only find Stars and Bucks Cafe in Palestine. There were two from what I could tell during my first into the West Bank. One in Bethlehem and the other in Ramallah’s Manara Square. There may be more of these little gem of coffee cafes in and around Palestine.

This little  cafe also has a circular, green logo. It serves cappuccinos in ceramic cups and provides free Wi-Fi for customers.

Even the green, block lettering on the sign outside looks very similar.

Cash Influx Breathes Life Into Palestinian Economy
Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

Don’t expect to find the Seattle’s chain Starbucks cafe in Israel as the closed all cafes in 2003 due to what they. described as operational challenges.

Cups Stars and Bucks
Souvenir Cups-Stars & Bucks

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