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The Village of Oia Greece

Santorini Island

The village of Oia on the Greek Island of Santorini is not a quiet village and some visitors consider a visit here a kind of a pilgrimage place. This is one of the most picturesque village on the island, despite the fact that is the most crowded. The sunset from Oia is the what draws the crowds and for good reason.

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Sunset in Oia

Village of Oia

You will find many opportunities for photos beyond the sunset in the village of Oia. These include wondering the maze of small shops, restaurants and cafes. Just about each  of them offering specular views of the rest of Santorini and the caldera.


One of the bookshops to add to your lists of must visit places while in Oia is Atlantis Books.  The use of the small space in and out of the bookshop is very creative. Plus, walk up to the side of the bookshop for a specular view of the cliff and the village.

Atlantis Books

IMG_7829 3

Stay Options

There are several good choices for hotels in Oia as this is often one of the more popular areas of Santorini to stay.  A 5-star hotel choice is Perivolas, which has an infinity pool and a magnificent sea view. You have choice of staying in one of the 17-restored private houses located in 300-year old caves. Another option is Canaves Suites and Spa and offers you the opportunity to have views of the caldera in luxurious accommodations. Please keep in mind that you pay a little extra for stay on the caldera. If you wish to explore further stay option, consider exploring

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