Petra–One of the 7 Wonders

While we were in Israel, we had to visit Jordan and the ancient archeological site of the city of Petra. It is more than just a city.  Petra was the capital of the Nabataean Arabs and is one of the seven wonders of the world and a must see for those exploring this part of the planet.

The Treasury

Crossing the Border from Israel

The border crossing at Rabin Border Terminal takes time and you do not drive across, but walk to meet your Jordanian guide. At least, this is what we did during our day trip into Jordan. The agency we used organized the tour very well and we did not have any hiccups. One should expect to be asked several questions throughout the passport control checkpoint.

Border Crossing
Yitzhak Rabin Border Terminal near Eilat

Visitor Center
Petra Visitor Center

The Siq


As you enter Petra’s Visitor Center, you begin to understand why this ancient is one of the seven wonders of the world. Your journey continues through what is known as the  Siq. This 1.2 kilometer or about a mile journey to the Treasury (pictured below). Before you even get to the entrance to the Siq, you must walk about a 1/2 mile through what is known as Bab as-Siq- or gateway to the Siq.  A process that allows one to take in this massive ancient city and site at a slow pace.

Walking the Siq with Treasury in the Distance

The Treasury (Al Khazna)

Standing in Front of the Treasury

As you continue your journey down the siq, it suddenly opens into one of Petra’s most magnificent facade; the Treasury (Al Khazna).  The true purpose of this two story structure is still unclear. Most likely this wonder dates back to the 1st century BC.

Royal Tombs and other Sites

Royal Tombs of Petra

These royal tombs in the city of Petra are set high on cliffs and do require some climbing to get to them. The climb is not for the faint of heart and exploring them for the small crowds is known not to be very safe. So, we decided to opt out of this one adventure and view them from a distance. 2013-12-21-4

Interested one of the seven wonders of the world further? Consider these sites:

Petra Development And Tourism Region Authority

Day Trip to Petra

Map of the the City of Petra

Petra Map from Petra Vistor Centre w Text
(map courteous of Petra Development And Tourism Region Authority, 2015)


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