South Carolina

Butterflies…Butterflies… Butterflies

SC Botanical Gardens

We explored the SC Botanical Gardens in Clemson and loved the many butterflies enjoying the flower in full bloom. These gardens are a must visit and worthy of a day or half-day visit exploring the many gardens, trails, and historic homes taking in the beautiful scenery.  Of course, one must mention that these beautiful gardens were once a former plantation property donated by Thomas Green Clemson to develop an educational institution and Clemson University was first known as Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina.

The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
The Black Swallowtail



Hanover House (built b/t 1714-16)

Hanover House is a French Huguenot house built in 1714-1716 and also located in the SC Botanical Gardens. The house has been moved a couple of times from its original location as a means to preserve it (see image below). Hanover house is also known as the St. Julien-Ravenel House and is truly a unique visit as gives a glimpses to life in the New World before the revolutionary war.



Hanover House

Old Stone Church, Clemson, SC (circa, 1802)

Old Stone Church

We came across this interesting structure and had to stop for a quick visit. This pre-antebellum example of life is beautiful and represents the ending of the frontier period in SC. Constructed (per recorded between 1797-1802), we enjoyed this short visit to both the church and cemetery. The historic church is also a venue for wedding ceremonies. Learn more about the Old Stone Church



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