A New Rental Opportunity

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A New Rental Option:

As you begin preparing for your next trip, you might consider a new rental service that is gaining ground in the rental equipment market. BabyQuip offers a way to rent baby equipment throughout U.S. and Canada and aims to improve the way families travel. The service is marketed toward traveling parents and also grandparents who may be having their grandchildren come visit them. The products rented include cribs, strollers, car seats, toys, books, and more. How does BabyQuip work?  Please continue to read more about the great Independent Quality Providers from BabyQuip.

The Process

An independent quality providers such as Brandy will reach out to schedule a delivery. She will offer set up, cleaning, safe, and insured baby gear at your hotel, Airbnb, vacation rental, and even private residences. They can even meet you at the airport because of BabyQuip 400 + locations across the US and Canada. There will be an expert quality provider like Brandy available at your next travel destination.

Go Ahead and Explore

Whether you are traveling with littles or having a grandchild or children visiting, BabyQuip provides safe and sound rental essentials to make everywhere feel like at home.

The benefits of using BabyQuip include:

  • no need to haul of that baby gear,
  • Get the latest baby products and equipment,
  • Gear is meticulously cleaned well-maintained,
  • All of the baby gear meets safety and recall standards.

  So, go ahead and explore….

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2 thoughts on “A New Rental Opportunity”

  1. Thank you Nick for including me and BabyQuip in your blog. Out motto is pack light, travel happy, which is what we all strive to do for families!


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