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Reminding Us Why Recording of Our History Is Important.

The idiom ‘here today, (and) gone tomorrow’ is a reminder of the tragedy that unfolded in Paris yesterday. This rings true even with such centuries old icon places, that can be damaged in such a short period of time either by natural disaster or man-made events. In fact, many of the places one wishes to visit today just may not be present in the future. This where the beauty of photography comes in. As a fellow traveler, I truly enjoy sharing with others these images just in case such wonderful treasure as the Notre Dame are lost forever.

Paris-La-Notre-Dame (2010)
Our Visit this Past December 2018
Pyramid in Egypt

Many events (hurricanes, earthquake, floods, tsunamis or other nature disaster) in ours lives will lead to changing the landscapes, places, and the world we visit today for future generations. Through the photos we share, we can re-live the past and potential learn from them. Enjoy the experience and please continue to travel.

Sphinx, Egypt

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