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A Visit to The Currier Musuem


My most recent visit back to Manchester, New Hampshire gave me the opportunity to visit the Currier Museum of Art  Through a  guided docent tour, one can enjoy the mixture of European and American art, photograph, and sculpture displayed in this art museum. These works include such renewed artist at Hopper, Picasso, Monet, O’Keffe, Wyeth, and LeWitt. In addition, a separate tour is offered of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Zimmerman House.  This renowned art museum offers rotating exhibits from around the world including the current exhibition of beadwork by the Ubuhle Women living in rural KwaZula-Natal, South Africa.


Beadwork by the Ubuhle Women



This rather new form of art uses beads on what is known as ndwango (cloth) to form decorative and visual scenes that often have specific meaning to the artist. This beadwork is being displayed by the Currier Museum of Art  through June 10, 2019.

Ethan Murrow Hauling Display (Ending Soon)

There is a room that offers a unique display of wall art around the room and done  by Ethan Murrow with help of Mic Billingsley and Ariana Lee. The images below were drawn on the walls using black sharpies and depict the Manchester area history of Native fishing, river dredging, farming, and of course, hauling. This exhibition is soon to be taken down (painted over) and replaced with a new one (yet to be determined per our  docent).





Edward Hopper’s Last Painting

On loan to the museum Hopper’s last painting, The Comedians. This beautiful piece of work depicts both the artist and his wife, Jo, on stage. This is worth seeing in person while you can as well as other works by Edward Hopper.

The Comedians
The Bootleggers by Hopper

Other Works of Art

Woman Seated in Chair by Picasso
Max Pechstein (double-sided art)

Explore my other blog posts about Manchester titled  A Stay in The Granite State  Thank you for reading this blog and please share your thoughts.

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