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A Visit to Palermo, Sicily

We are back again at visiting Europe. This time it is Sicily beginning in Palermo where we stayed in the city centre. Our first tour was of the famous opera house. We booked via GetYourGuide and then, added the backstage tour that includes going up to the rooftop. I highly recommend doing this additional tour option. It costs 10 euros each and allows you to climb up to the roof of the opera house for a excellent view. Please advised this tour is not handicapped accessible and requires one to be able to climb several narrows stairs.

The Theater Massimo (Teatro Massimo)

The Theater Massimo (Teatro Massimo)

The third largest opera house in Europe and the biggest one in Italy is the Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele located in Palermo on the Piazza Verdi.  The final scenes of The Godfather Part III were filmed at this theater.

A View from the Top of The Opera House
Rooftop View of Palermo from The Theater Massimo (Teatro Massimo)
Top of the Opera House
The Stairs of The The Theater Massimo (Teatro Massimo)

More to come from our 10 day tour of Sicily…

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