South Africa

Cape Town Water Crisis

As day zero approaches for Cape Town, is this a end of tourism? Is this a time to reflect on how we exploit our precious nature resources? Cape Town Day Zero blog offers value sources for travelers, guests, and residents alike. pexels-photo-709563.jpeg

Check out this video from Reuter News:

Tourism Dries Up in Cape Town’s Water Crisis

Some resources from “Cape Town Day Zero” blog:

Those are resources available to know more about what is happening

The official water dashboard from the City of Cape Town, which shows the expected date for Day Zero and the current level of consumption:

The city water map, which shows a dotted map of the City of Cape Town with the consumption of every household:

Other resources about water savings

A water calculator, to estimate your current usage:

Use 50 liters of water per day, illustrated in an infographics.

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