St. Peter’s Fiesta, 2019

Festivals are an event on Cape Ann and one of the largest festivals in coming up from June 26 through June 30.

St. Peter’s Fiesta

The 2019 St. Peter’s Fiesta or Fiesta in Gloucester  is a 5 day event takes place June 26 through June 30. Find out more about it at St. Peter’s

This 5-day annual festival is in honor of St. Peter, the patron saint of all fisherman. St. Peter’s was Jesus’ first follower and is considered the first pope of the Catholic Church. So, what is the significant of the Greasy Pole?

Greasy Pole
View of the Greasy Pole-Pavilion Beach

The Greasy Pole

This is probably one of the biggest events and draws for visitors and residents during Fiesta and the most sacred test of all is known as ‘The Greasy Pole.’ The pole sits idle most of the time on a 4-story platform on 40 feet of wood piling a few hundred yards off Pavilion Beach.  It is totem to the glory it has brought and to the people it has broken. On the Friday of St. Peter’s Fiesta, the contest begins with a courtesy round-everyone is allowed to participant in the event that wishes–not allowed to capture the flag at the end of this very greasy 45-foot telephone hanging over the water. This is not a content for the faint of heart and expect some injuries through this 3 day event during Fiesta. A must see for visitors.

Rose Carlson
Taking Aim at the Greasy Pole
Greasy Pole Image:

More about Fiesta

Fiesta is more than just ‘The Greasy Pole.’ It’s a religous feast that starts nine days before the festival with a daily novena to St. Peter, the patron saint of the fisherman. The women would pray for the safe return of the fishermen and to bless them with a good fishing trip. The women also pray for peace,  the sick, and anyone in need.  Once the festival begins,  there is the blessing of the fleet, an outdoor Mass on Sunday followed by the final day of th men’s and women’s Seine boat races followed by the Greasy Pole. There are also a Kid’s pie/watermelon eating contest and other games.

St. Peter’s Fiesta 2019

Where to Stay

Beauport Hotel (the old Bird’s Eye location)
*must check out the rooftop bar
Harborview Inn  This B & B is on Stacey blvd and directly across from the harbor. It offers a good option to be close to everything the Gloucester has to offer.
If a stay in an old Sea Captain’s house is your taste, this one may do just the trick.
Not as close as the others, but the views are great.
Other options can be found on


Go and explore what Cape Ann has to offer this summer- The beach blog of Cape Ann is coming!



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