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Train De l’Ardeche

Train De L’Ardeche

This was a chilly day, but we decided to join the planned excursion offered on our Viking River cruise along the  Rhône River during our stop in Tournon. The Train de l’Ardèche is a steam train that travels along the Doux tributary and the scenery is beautiful, especially during the Autumn. The tour begins at the Gare De Tournon St-Jean station. At the Gare De Tournon St-Jean station, there are restrooms and a gift shop. I found that the the gift shop to be quite expensive. Otherwise, the 2 hour journey is worth experiencing.

Inside The Train
Station: St-Barthelemy Le Plain

At the station, St-Barthelemy Le Plain, the locomotive is turned around on turntable to bring the train back down to the Gare De Tournon St-Jean station.

Views of Doux Gorge

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