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Lan Su Chinese Garden

Lan Su Chinese Garden

A recent visit to Portland, Oregon gave me the opportunity to explore the Lan Su Chinese Garden. This little oasis in the small Chinatown district of  Portland gives you the opportunity to experience a tranquil, quiet, and beautiful environment behind the walls. In addition, you have the opportunity to learn how two cities, Portland and Suzhou; its sister city in China have collaborative to make the most of an authentic Chinese garden outside of China. Learn more about Lan Su

The Walkway

As you enter the garden, you will notice the unique walkway and how the stones are often placed upright or at slight angle. If you care to go barefoot, the stones offer the opportunity for a natural massage.  If wearing lightly soled shoes, you can feel the stones through them as well.  Please be prepared for the rough massage often offered, if deciding to go barefoot.

Views from the Teahouse
Inside the Teahouse


If you have time to take in the atmosphere, consider having tea in the two-story Teahouse. You will find plenty of seating and go up to the second level for the best views of the garden. You will a ticket or have membership to Lan Su as this is the only way to access the Teahouse.

Views from the Second Floor of the Teahouse


Lotus Flower In Bloom
Walkway Shaped Like Lotus Flowers

Learn more about the Lan Su Chinese Garden

Tour Options:

General Admission to Lan Su Chinese Garden

Family Pass Admission to Lan Su Chinese Garden




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