Celebrate MLK Day in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

If you are planning to visit this southern city, consider a visit to the Birth Home of  Martin Luther King, Jr. Thanks to funding from Delta Airlines this site is open through February 3rd during the partial government shutdown.

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MLK House
Birth Home of Martin Luther King, Jr

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, is actually a cluster of sites operated by the National Park Service. As we planned our visit to Atlanta, we knew Dr. King was born and raised in Atlanta, but did not realize his full impact on this southern city. We added this site to our list of places to visit along with The Atlanta History Center.

Ebenezer Baptist Church

As you continue to explore the area, don’t miss the Ebenezer Baptist Church, located just down the block from the Dr. King’s Birth Home. Dr. King was co-pastor with his father and this is where his mother was murdered.  However, most will know this church as the place where Dr. King’s funeral was held.

Funeral Wagon For Dr. King’s Coffin

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