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Why Did You First Decide to Travel?

The reason for why one first chooses to travel may be easy to answer and includes: taking the summer off from college, wishing to get out of that small town you grew up in, or having that adventurous spirit to see this beautiful planet.  Why did you first choose to travel? 

My Reasons for Traveling:

If I have to first pinpoint a reason for first wishing to travel, it would be wanting to understand the different culture and people beyond where I grew up in a small coal camp in WV. I knew there was this exciting planet to explore through reading books and I couldn’t wait to begin my exploration.  My first trip on a plane was during college to Salt Lake City.  I no longer have any pictures of this trip, but reminder the flight, the Lake, and a restaurant called; Salt Lake Pizza & Pasta. It may be time to plan for another trip here soon?

Great Salt Lake, Utah, United States (image courteous of: travelthruhistorytv.)

My first international trip was the following fall of that year to France, which I fell in love with this country for its culture and atmosphere. There is still more to see in France and other parts of Europe and beyond that I have yet to explore. So much travel and so little time to plan that trip or next adventure. Some of posts on France are below:

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Christmas in Uneasy Paris

Eiffel Tower


Why did you first decide to explore this great planet of ours?  

Can you remember your first trip locally or internationally?

Are you planning a new adventure?

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