Egypt, Travel

The Temple of Hatshepsut

Egypt is growing again in its popularity for visitors. Tourism is one of this African nation's major economic driving forces and I had the pleasure of touring here for three weeks. This is perhaps one of my favorite countries to visit. Temple of Hatshepsut  One of the highlights of our trip was Luxor and the… Continue reading The Temple of Hatshepsut

North Carolina

Wilmington, North Carolina after Flo…

It has been a few days since posting to the blog for good reason. We had to prepare for the pending arrival of Hurricane Florence and then, the aftermath of this Category 1 hurricane once it made landfall at Wrightsville Beach, NC. We moved to working off the grid via our whole house generator (highly… Continue reading Wilmington, North Carolina after Flo…


Hoover Dam- A Depression Era Marvel

A one of American's Seven Modern Civil Engineering Wonders, the Hoover Dam is a testament to our country's ability to construct monolithic project during times of adverse conditions. The Hoover Dam was built during the Depression as means to tame the Colorado River by thousands of men who brought their families to the Black Canyon… Continue reading Hoover Dam- A Depression Era Marvel


Stars and Bucks Coffee, Bethlehem, Palestine

What is Stars and Bucks Cafe? This is little chain of coffee shops is not to be confused with the more popular and known  Seattle-based Starbucks chain.  You will only find Stars and Bucks Cafe in Palestine. There were two from what I could tell during my first into the West Bank. One in Bethlehem and the… Continue reading Stars and Bucks Coffee, Bethlehem, Palestine

South Carolina

Historic Columbia, SC

During a recent work-related visit to Columbia, I took advantage of visiting Historic Columbia to learn and see more the history of the capital of South Carolina. If history especially pre and post civil war history is something of interest to you, you would not be disappointed with a visit to Historic Columbia  This non-profit organization… Continue reading Historic Columbia, SC