South Carolina

Redcliffe Plantation-Worth A Visit

About 10 minutes outside of Augusta you will find Redcliffe Plantation 

Redcliffe Plantation

We have begun our journey on the Antebellum Trail with a stay in Augusta. First, we explored one of several of James Henry Hammond’s plantation. At one time, he had over 15,000 acres of land and hundreds of slaves. He was a cotton planter, congressman, over, and senator who spent his live defending the southern plantation system. Four generations of his family lived on this plantation and six generations of African-American descendants to this terrible part of our his have lived here.


This 360 + acre property is now a state park and part of the SC Parks system. I highly recommend a visit to this off the historical site.

Do keep in mind there is no A/C in the house. So, with the heat of our Summer days here in the South, one can expect some quite hot and humid conditions. Plan you visit accordingly. There are three tours offered daily on Monday through Friday at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m.

The address for Redcliffe is 181 Redcliffe Rd, Beech Island, SC

Please be sure to have lunch before you go exploring here as there is not much to offer on this little island beyond the plantation; only a few fast-food options.

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