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Exploring Vienne

Our adventures in France had a stop in the small town of Vienne, France. Vienne is just about 20 minutes by train from the city center of Lyon. It is definitely worth visiting. The town sits along the Rhône river. Vienne is known for its importance during Roman times because of its location for river transport.

Vienne Depot

Exploring Vienne led me to the train depot with its stunning World War I mural honoring the Viennois men lost.

World War I Mural in Vienne, France
A Small Park in Vienne Near The River

The significance of this small park is that it contains several Roman ruins including cobblestone street and a statue. This was on the way to the center of Vienne and was worth a quick walk around. The image below is of the old Romain road. The Roman sites do get a bit more interesting as you explore the town.

Old Roman Road

As I continue exploring Vienne, I came across some fantastic Roman Ruin. It was near sunset so this made for an eery mood.

Temple of Augustus

Near the 1st century, this temple was erected to honor Augustus at the beginning of his reign. Then, later it was dedicated to his wife Livia as well.

Looking back at what I’ve seen in Vienne during the evening, I now want to go back soon to see this historical town along the Rhône again.

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