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Should I Book Future Travel Now?

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Future of Travel

November might just be the perfect time to consider booking travel for 2021 and beyond. Many companies are offering less strict cancelation policies or change in travel policies such as Intrepid Travel and Gate1. It just might be the best time to consider booking your future travel? In fact, many travel deals can be found during what is known as Black Friday.  A few tips for booking your next travel adventure are outlined below.

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1. Buy Travel Insurance

Previous travel insurance policies often did not support pandemic coverage, but looking to the future of travel this coverage is necessary. I highly recommend buying travel insurance very soon after you book your 2021 travel. The policy needs to cover you for coronavirus related illness and any disruption in travel. You need to look for a travel policy that includes this coverage, which can mean a canceled or delayed flight or the need to self-isolate for a time. Fortunately, many airlines, tour operators, and hotels have added free COVID-19 coverage, but some have limited this coverage through the end of 2020. It is still advisable to purchase a travel insurance policy such as one offered by WorldNomads

2. Only Pick A Travel Company That Refunds

One of the caveats of travel, is that changes will happen. Many travel providers are now offering more packages that offer free cancelation anywhere between 60 days to 14 days before the planned holiday. Some of these are: Intrepid Travel, G adventure, and Crystal Travel and so please consider giving them your business.

3. Packaged Vacations Are Best

As you begin planning your next adventure, you will want to protect your money if the company goes out of business. This has become an essential part of planning future travel. Several travel companies have gone by the wayside and I expect a few more to go out of business in the coming months. It is best to book a package deal that includes the accommodations and flight using a credit card as extra layer of protection beyond travel insurance.

4. Consider Using Keeping It Local

During this current pandemic crisis, many local travel agencies are struggling to stay in business. You might consider contact a local travel agencies to explore your future travel plans. A great local travel agent will be readily available to answer any questions, review cancelation policies, and make you aware of any travel restrictions to your future destination.

5. Be Flexible With Your Plans

As cases of the coronavirus continue to rise in some areas, you will want to be flexible with your future travel plans considering what we have already covered, the cancelation policy. Flexibility is key to traveling in 2021 and beyond.

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