I Long for Travel Again


Oia, Santorini Island

It has been almost six months since our last travel experience that required our passports.

The passport were renewed this year and now, I feel it will be a long time before we get to use them.

The virus has not stopped my whole life, but eliminated the usual trips for holiday breaks and most of my trip planning.

Right now, I am only planning local trips.

I want to see more of this glorious planet.

My shiny new passport awaits its first stamp. When and where with this happen? France, Spain, Portugal, or somewhere in Latin America?

I am not one that is meant to sit in one place forever.

As I sit in our beautiful sunroom, I take in the sounds of nature and my home paradise.

Travel after this pandemic will be different and likely never the same.

Still, the excitement is building to start planning my next adventure outside the U.S.

I long to spread my wings again.

I sit here in North Carolina and dream of the day I take another international trip.


Mr. Rebates

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