Rainbows & Waterspouts

Double-Rainbows Over Gloucester Harbor

I was exploring old photos and came across these two images that capture the contrast of Mother Nature. The above image is looking east out over the harbor of Gloucester Massachusetts, which is one of the towns of Cape Ann.  You can found out more about Cape Ann and it beaches by reading my previous posts. Cape Ann is often the most crowded during the summer, but fall is definitely a good time to visit the area for the fall colors, fall harvest, and apple picking.

Waterspout forming over the Harbor

What is a waterspout? According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), waterspouts fall into two main categories; 1) tornadic or 2) fair weather waterspouts. The first often forms during a thunderstorm like the image above.  If either of these move ashore, they change from waterspout to tornado. We watched this natural phenomenon for development, but no true development occurred.

Traveling is fun and one never knows what you will see….


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