Stately Oaks Plantation

Our exploration of Georgian plantations continues with the Stately Oaks Plantations in Jonesboro. This relocated plantation is about a 30 minute drive outside of Atlanta and offers one perspective to Margaret Mitchell’s novel Gone With the WindOf course, this is not the actual plantation and there is no known plantation of Tara in Georgia as described in the novel. One can image this one sitting on some 500 acres pre-dating the Civil War. Too bad we couldn’t take any picture inside.

Stately Oaks Plantation
Garden Sculpture

Downtown Jonesboro

This little town has a wonderful downtown with area that has railroad track running right through it. The old depot has been turned into the Road to Tara Museum and worth a quick visit for any Margaret Mitchell fan.

Tara musuem
Road to Tara Museum

This little town is worth a day trip during your travel to or stay in Atlanta. We enjoyed our adventure here. So on to Atlanta….

Learn more about the Stately Oaks Plantation



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