TSA Changes Coming Soon…..

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The Security Checkpoints

The future of travel will look differently, especially travel by air. You can expect some significant changes to the security checkpoints. In response to COVID-19, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has unveiled several new procedures for passengers at U.S. airports. As you begin to take to the sky for your next vacation, please take not of these changes..

Must Wear A Face Covering

You will be expected to wear a face covering during your security screening at the airport. In fact, both TSA agents and passengers are expected to wear face coverings during the screening process. This can include a medical mask, a homemade mask, or something else (i.e., bandanna or scarf) all will be enough.

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Scan Your Own Boarding Pass

This new requirement might not seem like such a inconvenience, but you will no longer hand over that boarding pass to the TSA agent for review and scanning. When it is your turn to approach the TSA agent,  you will be expected to scan your boarding pass. You can still use an electronic ticket from your phone. Please be sure that you have it pulled up and ready as you make it to the front of the line

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Put That Food Away

If you are like me and bring food along for the flight, please make the process easier for you and the TSA agent. This can be accomplished by putting your food in a clear plastic bag and placing them in a bin(s) for screening. You want to maintain that social distancing and minimize contact with your food. So, please put that food away.

Your Carry-On Should Be Used

As for your carry-on, consider keeping some space for placing your jacket, belt, and any loose change in it. You want to minimize contact with those high-tour surfaces and tuck your belongings away in that carry-on

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Keep Social Distancing

This might be hard to accomplish during the screening process, especially if the lines become more crowded. Do try and keep at least six feet between your party and the person standing in front of you. You will see stickers on the floor and signs reminding you of this new expectations of all travelers.

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Photo courtesy of TSA’s Facebook page

Take that Hand Sanitizer With You

There is now an exception to the of ‘no liquids over 3 ounces’ for hand sanitizers. The limits on liquids have been raised for bottles of commercially-prepared hand sanitizer. You are not allowed to carry up to 12 ounces of hand sanitizer per passenger in your carry-on luggage.

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Photo courtesy of TSAs Facebook page

 Changes Are Coming Soon

Airports around the U.S. have until mid-June to implement these changes, but you may already see them.

Have you experienced the new screening process? Please share…

For more information about the new guidelines, visit the TSA website.


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