Travel Etiquette: What Not To Do While Onboard.

Airplane Etiquette

Sometimes the stress of travel can often lead to forgetting a few common travel etiquettes. Do you wish to have hundreds of people look to you as the enemy while in a long tube? I would think this would not be the case. Here are five common etiquettes to avoid violating during your next flight

Wrestling for the Armrest

If you are the ever left with the middle seat, don’t be the one next them who fights for the armrest. It is not worth wrestling for the space and please give the passenger next to some of the armrest. As a middle aisle passenger, they should have some armrest space and not wrestle for you for it. It is not not airplane etiquette. Have you violated this first etiquette in your flight experiences?

Reclining Straight Away

I personally don’t mind if someone reclines their seat, but be considerate in doing so. Unfortunately, the latter is rarely the case. I can count on my hands the number of times someone has glanced behind them to see if the coast was clear (i.e., no electronic or drink to go flying). Many passengers go straight to the recline position right after a smooth takeoff. Next time, try to consider your fellow passenger just for a few seconds and look behind you.

Hitting the On-Demand Screen A Little Hard

Many of the on-demand screens are starting to go away as airlines expand their wi-fi capacity cutting the cord in this manner as well. Another reason is that these setback entertainment screens receive quite a bit of abuse and use. Thus, the functionality of these little devices don’t often work as expected. The next time that you travel, please keep this in mind and don’t forget the passenger in front of you. Don’t go tapping on the screen too much or too hard trying to get it to work causing your fellow passenger’s seat shake so much they are solely experience their own period of turbulence in flight. Use the remote or get the flight attendant for assistance!. Better yet consider reading a book.

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Consider Those Feet

Indeed, I said feet. Have you ever been on a long international flight when your fellow passenger decided to take off their shoes. Now, I personally don’t mind that you do this for the comfort, but please don’t have smelly feet. We are in a closed environment with recycled air. Did something happen to your sense of smell? There are reasons for why one might have increased issues with odors during travel and a good article by Smartertravel identifies a few of them. However, don’t violate this etiquette during your travel experience if you can avoid it just to walk around barefoot.

Don’t Pinch The Overhead Space

Traveling by plane can be stressful just to get from point A to point B. One doesn’t need to worry about the rudeness and inconsideration of fellow travels who just take too much during airplane travel. There I said it. I am one who travels light or at least, keeps within my own dedicated space. The tiny overhead bins above the seats are meant for the individual assigned seat, but they are often far game to whomever can get to them first. A few major violations of this fifth and final common airplane travel etiquette are as follows: 1) walking down the aisle and just throwing your stuff in the first overhead bin you see empty (see my comment above about assigned seats), 2) taking advantage of the overhead bin for the small stuff (coats, gifts, hats, gloves etc.,) and 3) using the bin for your carry-on instead of the space under your seat. Please don’t violate this one during your next adventure.


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