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What Is Your Favorite Continent to Visit

We are still exploring this vast planet and have set foot on 4 out 7 of the continents in the world—Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. We are excited to explore Asia in the coming year and will always find Europe one of our favorites. The one continent that stands out of the crowd for its richest in culture, wildlife, and adventure is the African continent.  We have been on this wonderful continent a total of four times.

Thinking back on your travels: What is your favorite continent to visit or have visited? Please do share.

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania (in photos)

The Serengeti-Sunset

One of our favorite parts of this wild park is watching the sunset on this vast ecological system. If you get the opportunity to see a thunderstorm, it is even more beautiful. I can just image the wildlife and love taking in the these sounds and the views offered here.

Relaxing in the Shadows…

Sometimes you do feel like you are rather intruding on these gorgeous animals daily lives just to get that perfect photo. All of these were captured with my little iPhone 6 as I just didn’t want carry a big camera this day. Sometimes, it just didn’t seem right to be constant taking picture. Instead, just enjoying the moments traveling offers.

A Rhino–Don’t Get to Close..
Not Your Typical Housecat


Kruger National Park in Tanzania 

Playing Chess– or not?
Baby Elephant in Kruger Park

Now, off to planning for our next adventure. Where would you recommend?


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