North Carolina

Wilmington, North Carolina after Flo…

It has been a few days since posting to the blog for good reason. We had to prepare for the pending arrival of Hurricane Florence and then, the aftermath of this Category 1 hurricane once it made landfall at Wrightsville Beach, NC. We moved to working off the grid via our whole house generator (highly recommended) after most of the city of Wilmington and surrounding areas lost electricity.  In addition, cellular communications  and internet service has been spotty.  Things are slowly getting back to ‘normal.’  So, this is not necessary a travel post, but more an update to the blog.

Footprints In the Sand at Wrightsville Beach
Flock of Birds
Herons and Herons and other birds…

For the bird watcher and lover, North Carolina offers a wealth of opportunity to see a variety of birds. Prior to a storm such as an hurricane, one can sometimes see flocks of birds such as the above image of several dozen herons and other species of birds grabbing a bite to eat before heading north away from the track of hurricane.  Check out the Carolina Bird Club  for more information about birds in NC. You can click county by county

Some images of the post destructive force of a hurricane as we decided to remain in our home through another tropical event. This did lead to us canceling our planned trip to Romania. Alias, we will have to rebook this trip for a later time. It is good thing we have travel insurance and I highly recommend it.

Live Oak in Backyard

The above picture is of  a 50+ year old live oak that stood tall and proud next to our fence in the backyard. The 105 mph winds of Hurricane Florence combined with its saturating rains led to its downfall across our fence (the wooden) and the neighbors newly installed metal dog-run fence. Lucky, it missed there home by just a few feet.

Rootball of Tree

An image of the fallen live oak, which depicts the size of the tree. The fence in the background is 8 feet high just to give you some perspective.

Downed Lines in Our Neighborhood.


Lines Hanging Everywhere
Bradley Creek Overflowing.

We are safe now with power restored to the home. We had no structural damage to our homes. Some neighbors did not fair so well.  Most services back up and running. Now, back to planning our next adventure. Thank you for reading and safe travels to all.

Please consider donating to Hurricane Florence relief efforts at the following sites:

The Salvation Army

The American Red Cross 

Feeding America 

For our fur babies


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