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Marsala Sicily

Entrance to the Town of Marsala

As the fifth largest town in Sicily, Marsala is often attributed to its wonderful wines. Few realize that the town of Marsala is worthy of a visit. The gleaming marble covered streets of this charming town along with its stately baroque style buildings makes a friendly passeggiati (evening stroll) worth it. Marsala is full of plenty of aperitif options and several great restaurants. We stopped for lunch at La Corte dei Mangioni.

La Corte dei Mangioni.

The restaurant is tucked away on the side street off the main area of Marsala. We had some delicious local wine, fresh salad, and the local take on couscous (Couscous di Pesce).

Sample of Local Wines (not just decoration)

Fish Market

We arrived to Marsala in time for the fish market. If you have never explored a local fish market in Europe, this is must see. The fish market in Marsala was smaller than the others we’ve seen during past European journeys. It is still lively and full of pleasant (and not so pleasant senses).

Fish Market of Marsala
More Fish Market Finds
Local Seafood Up For Grabs

Coming up soon is the Wines of Marsala….. Thanks for reading…..

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