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Gloucester, Massachusetts & the Cape Ann Museum by The Rose Journal 

Gloucester, Massachusetts & the Cape Ann Museum by Angelina & Mike Chute (2019, January 7) The holidays are over. Our roses are dormant, sound asleep for the next three months. This is the time when Angelina and I catch up on other things that we like to do, like frequent day-trips to somewhere — eclectic destinations that catch our fancy. We recently

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Rainbows & Waterspouts

I was exploring old photos and came across these two images that capture the contrast of Mother Nature. The above image is looking east out over the harbor of Gloucester Massachusetts, which is one of the towns of Cape Ann.  You can found out more about Cape Ann and it beaches by reading my previous posts. Cape Ann is often

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Cape Ann and its Beaches

The third of three blogs of Cape Ann is here. The focus of this post is the beaches of Cape Ann.  I will be honest that the water here are cooler than the more popular Cape in New England –(name unmentioned—-as this is not my focus). Beaches of Cape Ann One of the main attractions of Cape Ann during the

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St. Peter’s Fiesta

Festivals are an event on Cape Ann and one of the largest festivals in coming up from June 27th through July 1st. St. Peter’s Fiesta The 2018 St. Peter’s Fiesta or Fiesta in Gloucester takes place June 27 through July 1. Find out more about it at St. Peter’s This 5-day annual festival is in honor of St. Peter,

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Iconic Cape Ann in Summer

Welcome to Cape Ann! Summer is the best time of the year to visit this iconic part of New England. This first of three blogs begins with the city of Gloucester. I just can’t do Cape Ann justice in one blog post. As one drives into Cape Ann, I highly recommend a visit to the city of Gloucester and its

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