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Southport Water Tours

On a whim, we decided to take the short 45 minute or so drive to Southport, NC. We had lunch at Fishy Fishy Cafe and grabbed the 3:00 pm water tour leaving next to the restaurant. The 50 minute water tour offered by Southport Water Tours is definitely worth your time and the cost of $20 per adult.

A View from the Water in Southport, NC
Fishy Fishy Cafe

The Battery Island is a bird sanctuary for migratory birds. This island is located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River near Southport. It is home to the largest White Ibis nesting population in southeastern North Carolina. It is also known as the White Ibis Sanctuary

View of Battery Island
Courtesy of The Town of Southport, NC
Looking Down Howe Street Form the Water
Frying Pan Restaurant – Use to be a Grocery prior to Hurricane Hazel

3 thoughts on “Southport Water Tours”

  1. Great post and beautiful photos. It looks like you had a fun trip – especially as you had a chance to see a bird sanctuaries island where the Brown Pelican and other birds nest. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx


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