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Exploring Noto Sicily

Noto is an interesting town with its share of beautiful palazzos, excellent restaurants, gorgeous cathedrals, and municipal buildings. The city appeared rather quiet during our time visiting. According to our tour guide, the city is a contrast between wealth and poor. Tourist revenue is major for the city and it’s definitely hurting with this pandemic. We did our part the best we could….

The Cathedral of San Nicolò
Inside the Cathedral of San Nicolò

We explored the Nicolaci Palace with its many furnished rooms. The cost to visit was just 4 euros and allows you access to the balcony for some great views of Noto.

Inside the Palace in Noto, Sicily
Interesting Art
Look Who Is Watching!
Outside the Nicolaci Palace
Some Students Were Practicing During Our Visit
View of Noto, Sicily
Our Parking Location Along a Tree-Lined Street

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